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Deluxe RESTOREation Hair Growth Kit FREE Protect Thermal Spray
Deluxe RESTOREation Hair Growth Kit FREE Protect Thermal Spray

Deluxe RESTOREation Hair Growth Kit FREE Protect Thermal Spray

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Invigorate Me!

This kit is for the person that wants our most comprehensive hair growth system and maximum results.
The deluxe package of aromatherapy goodness and dry scalp restoration! This kit is designed to help properly treat your scalp, treat itchy and dry patches, and stimulate hair growth. Bundled with a deep penetrating shampoo and conditioner along with conditioning companion products. 
Kit includes:
1 - Invigorating Cleanse System w/Scalp Brush (Purify, Rejuvenate)
1 - RePHresh (Skin/Scalp Hydrator)
1 - Hydrate (Vitamin Leave In Treatment)
1 - Nourish (Argan/Marula Vitamin E Hair Serum)
1 - Restorer (Glass Bottle Applicator)
1 - Revitalize (Hair Growth & Thickening Serum)
1 - Flourish (Healthy Hair Gummy Vitamins)
1- Marula Souflée (Intensive Moisture Cream)
1- FREE Restore by Trayce Madre Satin Scarf
1- FREE Restore by Trayce Madre Scalp Brush
Follow directions and be consistent to achieve the most out of your new system. Take pictures to document growth every 7-14 days and chart progress. This kit will help you to achieve your hair goals!
Daily Regimen: 
Take 2 Flourish Gummy Vitamins in the morning with a glass of water before food.
Use a dime-size of Nourish serum on your hair. Brush in and style.
Apply Revitalize serum throughout your scalp and massage in 2-3 minutes concentrating on thin areas.
Night time Regimen:
Use your RESTOREation Brush through hair to remove tangles.
Apply Marula Souflée around hair line and brush in for added moisture. Tie down with silk scarf.
Place bonnet over your hair prior to slumber. 
RESTOREation Day Weekly (Shampoo Day):
Use Purify Shampoo and the RESTOREation brush in a circular, penetrating motion to remove debris from the scalp. Repeat two times.
Follow up with Rejuvenate conditioner and brush throughout hair. Allow conditioner to stay on hair for 5-10 minutes for full treatment.
Part hair and apply RePHresh antibacterial spray to scalp
Saturate hair with Hydrate leave-in vitamin treatment
Section hair then blow-dry or twist to style.

Vegan | Cruelty free | Sulfate free | Paraben free 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing Results within 1 week😊

I am just to thrilled to share how when I properly treated my scalp after only 1 weeks use of Trayce Madre's hair care line I have seen such amazing results. Totally invigorated yes I was. And the hair vitamins are flavorful with no aftertaste. I love them! If not careful I could consume the entire bottle. Two gummies a day is recommended though. Lol 😉
If you have damaged hair Trayce Madre's Delux Restoration Kit is highly recommended.

Heaven in A Every Bottle!

I wear my hair in locs and braids, and I wanted to properly treat my scalp. I honestly don’t know where to begin, because I love, love, LOVE my new purchase! OMG, the lavender and tea tree oil alone had me relaxed and in a zen state. Eyes closed and just enjoying my shampoo. I didn’t want to rinse the Rejuvenate out of my head! It cools and gently tingles leaving my scalp feeling so clean, soft, and refreshed. My last step was adding Tranquility to the parts of my faux locs. I can see why it’s called Invigorating! I’m in love with everything included my tasty gummy Biotin treats!