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Love is in the hair

Love is in the HAIR!

Thirsting for a natural way to grow your hair? Simple—drink more water.

Keeping hydrated with H2O improves skin appearance, boosts brain function, aids in digestion and weight loss and yes, helps your hair grow. 

From skin to scalp, water offers us an easy and natural way to up our beauty game, especially when it comes to growing hair, keeping the scalp healthy and maintaining a luscious, moisturized texture.

Loving your hair is more than having a cute style! Investing IN your hair health means taking care of the body from the inside out. 

Use our checklist below and assess how much are you truly loving on your hair:

* Take a hair, skin, and nail supplement

* Shampoo at least once weekly/bi-weekly

* Add moisture to your hair and scalp daily 

* Use a heat protectant when using styling tools 

* Invest in a routine of deep conditioning, especially during winter months 

Extension and Wigs 

Wearing an extension or wig may be protective and convenient, but it does not let you off the hook for maintaining a hair routine. 

Attention!!! Calling all curls! Breaking news! Going to the salon weekly or bi-weekly is not synonymous with having a daily regimen. No matter how luxurious or imported those raw extensions are, they will never replace the foundation it needs to be sewn on. Your scalp requires nourishment to withstand protective styles. 

At RestoreRX Beauty, we believe that education is our first line of defense. As the old adage says, when you know better, you do better.

Click the link below and join our 30-day Growth Challenge. Tune in to even more conversation about healthy hair in the private Facebook group RESTOREation Beauty Lounge

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