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Our Founder

Trayce Madré is a wife, mother and influential beauty entrepreneur. Having built a remarkable career spanning 20 plus years in creative innovation, business and marketing development has given her a remarkable edge in the marketplace.  It allowed her to become a serial brand owner of such well known entities such as The Matrix Experience, Restore RX Beauty, Restore Raw Extensions and iMentor Branding.

As a celebrity stylist and educator, Trayce Madré has transformed the landscape of hair, education, business and beauty.  The Matrix Experience became a hub for the talented novice,:  whose limited business acumen allowed them to be groomed into hair industry experts that prioritize education, organization and optimization of quality hair services.   

Trayce Madré’s one-of-a-kind approach to hair care and extension application places her at the forefront of hairstyling and hair care management. This allowed her to train licensed professionals through her Trayce Madré Certified System and many have gone on to reach the top of their careers.  In January 2020, Trayce shifted into private services and moved the brand into the digital/retail marketplace: Walmart, Amazon and Flying Solo Beauty NewYork and rapidly moved sales.

Today, Trayce Madre counts among its celebrity clientele:  Michelle Williams, Beverly Johnson, Phylicia Rashad, Erica Hubbard and Angela Simmons — to name a few.