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Our Founder

Trayce Madre is a beauty industry influencer and an A-list stylist, known to her celebrity and everyday clients for producing superior quality hair care. She has now poured over two decades of experience as a stylist, educator, innovator, and fierce businesswoman into a hair care product line to addresses all types, all textures, and all hair conditions.
Hair is about texture-period! It is not good, it is not bad, it is not black or white. Hair has no ethnicity. It has a feel, a make-up, a type- every head has one. All hair is not created equal and must be catered to with the proper products, technique, and attention to its specific need. Whether it's 1A or 4C, if it's long or short if it's natural or sewn in- ALL HAIR CAN BE HEALTHY. "If I can get women to understand this, then I've won!"