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Marula Souflée Repair Treatment (Intensive Moisture Cream)  #1 Seller

Marula Souflée Repair Treatment (Intensive Moisture Cream) #1 Seller

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#1 SELLER!!!

Daily treatment for your hair and or edges.
You will love it!
An intense moisture whipped repair cream Enriched with Vitamin E, Serum and Botanicals that penetrates the cuticle to rebuild the strength of the hair without using any chemicals. From the very first day that you try it you will notice an immediate difference in your hair. For more damaged or dry hair leave the treatment in until your notice the desired change. Then switch to a monthly deep conditioning treatment to maintain the health of your newly reconstructed hair.

What texture of hair is this good for:  Relaxed, 1a-3c hair

How to Use It:
Apply to edges and/or hair shaft generously daily. Use a soft bristle brush to style as usual. Can be used while hair is dry or left on the hair while wet.  Concentrate on the edges and use our RESTOREation Silk scarf to tie them down for 15 minutes until they are dry. Style as usual.  (It will instantly change the manageability of your hair.

Vegan | Cruelty free | Sulfate free | Paraben free 


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Danie C.
Reason 9,999,999 why I love Marula Soufflé!

My hair got wet at the spa this weekend so it immediately got very curly. I was on a business trip so I wasn't able to spend the time straightening my hair. I love when my hair dries naturally but sometimes the curls can get frizzy. So with my hair still wet, I rubbed some marula soufflé between my palms and worked through sections of my hair down to the ends. I didn't use a lot, but enough to coat and the water helped distribute the product. My curls dried and looked amazing!!!. They were soft, hydrated defined, and not frizzy at all. When I got home, I didn't wash my hair again. I just started straightening and it turned out so beautiful. I can feel the moisture, but it's not oily or weighed down. Its light and bouncy. I love that I used it in a different way and loved the result for both curly and straight hair.

Angela S.

This is perfect for my edges and it kept my daughter’s hair together the entire day! It’s not hard at all. It feels like a soft hold that lasts all day.

Myra Jackson
Excellent moisturizer for my edges.

Marula Souflée Repair Treatment (Intensive Moisture Cream) is literally my favorite new hair product. This product moisturizes my edges without being oily; also, my edges are healthier since I started apply this product. This product is a must have to maintaining the health of your edges and your hair overall.👍🏾❤️

A. M.
I LOVE This Stuff!!

Pump it in my roots!! This soufflé is EVERYTHING! Everyone must buy it and try it. I have some of the driest hair on planet earth and the soufflé nourishes it it so wonderfully well. You've got a life-long customer! Adona

The Abso BEST Soufle!!!!!

OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Marula Soufle!! You guys HAVE to get it!! My hair just soaks it up and it makes my hair so manageable and soft…immediately!!! I’m about to order 2 more jars right now!!!