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"The Posh Serenity Ritual"
(2-3 month supply depending on usage)
EUPHORIA RESTOREation System Our Complete Detox and Vitamin System is meticulously designed to detoxify and stimulate the scalp while providing essential moisture to the hair shaft to enhance growth. It's complemented by a daily vitamin supplement that promotes hair growth and skin rejuvenation. This essential kit is a must-have for every woman seeking to maintain healthy and growing hair. It ensures a comprehensive treatment from the scalp to the hair shaft.

Ideal Hair Textures: Relaxed, 1a-4c hair

System Components:

1 - Purify (Invigorating Growth Shampoo) 1 - Rejuvenate (Invigorating Growth Rice-Protein Conditioner) 1 - Renew (Creamy Leave-In Treatment) 1 - RePHresh (Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Spray) 1-Hydro LUXE Masque 1 - FREE INVIGORATING SCALP BRUSH

RESTOREation Routine

RESTOREation Day (Shampoo Day) - Weekly:

  1. Start by using Purify Shampoo and the RESTOREation brush in a circular, penetrating motion to cleanse the scalp and remove debris. Repeat twice.
  2. Follow up with Rejuvenate conditioner, ensuring it's distributed evenly throughout the hair. Allow the conditioner to stay on the hair for 5-10 minutes for a complete treatment. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Apply Renew Leave-In Conditioner liberally, ensuring complete coverage of the hair shaft. Brush through from root to end.
  4. Use RePHresh on the scalp and face after cleansing and conditioning, applying before serums or oils.
  5. Section the hair, then proceed to blow-dry or twist for styling.

Nighttime Routine:

  1. Prior to sleep, secure your hair with a satin bonnet and satin edges wrap.

Follow the provided directions and maintain consistency to maximize the benefits of this comprehensive system. Capture your progress through pictures every 7-14 days and chart your journey. This kit will support you in achieving your hair goals! Remember, hair growth is a process, and our proven formulas, combined with consistency, will work for you.

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Sulfate-free | Paraben-free

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Crystal Cooper
Second order.

Hair is growing in places that was bald. Even my husband’s bald spot is growing. We love the smells and stimulating feeling. Love the products.

Thank you for everything.

Danie C.
Grew my edges back FAST!

I always used the products in this kit before but after a crazy mistake ( of my own doing) caused severe thinning and loss of my edges and the sides of my hair, I used the regimen consistently. In less than two months my edges and sides have grown back in faster and fuller than they ever have. My scalp is clean and my hair properly hydrated providing the perfect environment for hair growth. Use this system exactly as directed and you'll get phenomenal results like I did!

Lagwena Smith
Love the products

I will buy more, and I told my friends about these things